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ICLR Basement Flooding Symposium Update

The agenda for the ICLR Basement Flooding Symposium to be held on May 26, 2011 has been released. To view the full agenda, please click here. Thank you!

Solar Panels and the Winter Blahs

As we head towards spring, researchers at St. Lawrence College and Queen’s University in Kingston are studying the relationship between snow and solar PV panels. To read the full article from the Star, please click here. Have a great week-end!

Groundbreaking Graffiti Case from BC

Joy Jackson, Risk Manager for the City of London, recently passed along a very interesting case out of Langford, BC.  In this precedent-setting case, a Vancouver Island couple has been held partially responsible by the B.C. Supreme Court for their son’s graffiti vandalism. “It’s the first time a court has acknowledged parental responsibility for the […]

February Alert – Certificates of Insurance

And the Oscar goes to… The February Alert titled Certificates of Insurance. This alert was issued this morning.  OMEX members can access this alert along with archived alerts in the ‘Members Only’ section of this site. Happy Monday everyone.

New Fuel Spill Guidelines

New guidelines for handling and cleaning fuel spill sites as noted under Part XV.1 of the Environmental Protection Act will come into effect this July. To read the article relating to these guidelines, please click here.

Last weeks storm

While the big storm of February 2, 2011 failed to live up to it’s expectations here in Canada, our neighbours to the south were not so lucky.  It is estimated that last weeks storm will cost U.S. insurers up to $1.4 billion dollars. To read this story, please click here. Have a great week-end everyone.  […]


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