The Board is the voice of the membership in matters of governance and oversight. Their roles and responsibilities are outlined in the Reciprocal Agreement and include responsibility for ensuring the financial integrity of the Reciprocal, complying with regulatory requirements, overseeing management performance and addressing governance issues raised by the members.

Shelby Askin Hager

City Solicitor and Corporate Leader, Pubic Safety and Economic Development, City of Windsor | Board Chair

Shelby Askin Hager is the City Solicitor for the City of Windsor, Ontario. Her background is in municipal and commercial law, with an emphasis on procurement and risk management, and she has been a member of the OMEX board since 2010.

Linda Leeds
Town of Milton

Patty Robinet
City Solicitor
City of Thunder Bay

Doug Taylor
Township of Tiny

Jeffrey Abrams
Director at Large

Amedeo Valentino
Manager of Purchasing
& Risk Management
Town of Caledon

Todd Coles
City Clerk
City of  Vaughan

Nandini Syed
Town of  Orangeville

Malcolm Heins

Nahla Hanna
President and Attorney in Fact

The Board, in accordance with the Reciprocal Agreement, has created two Standing Committees to assist them–the Audit Committee and the Nominating Committee.

The Audit Committee’s mandate is to assist the Board in monitoring the financial reporting and audit issues. The current Audit Committee is composed of Linda Leeds, Consultant, Town of Milton (Chair); Amedeo Valentino, Town of Caledon, Doug Taylor, Township of Tiny and Malcolm Heins, Consultant.

The Nominating Committee is responsible for ensuring that appropriate candidates are nominated for both Board and Audit Committee positions in accordance with criteria established by the Reciprocal Agreement and the Nominating Committee Terms of Reference.