Preparing for Bill 8

On April 10, 2015 The Record published an article on the City of Cambridge and how they are preparing for the arrival of the Ontario Ombudsman’s oversight, set to begin sometime in 2015. The article states that the municipalities of the Region of Waterloo are exploring the idea of appointing a shared Ombudsman. If you have an opinion of that idea, please head over to the Insurance Forums and share your thoughts.

To read the article, please click here.

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Happy Holidays

Please be advised that the OMEX offices will be closed on Friday April 3 and Monday April 6 in order to observe Easter and Passover.

Wishing you a peaceful and safe weekend with your loved ones.

Municipal Liability discussed on TVO’s The Agenda

Last night, The Agenda aired a segment titled Liability Chill.  The segment featured two representatives from the legal community and two representatives from the municipal community.  John McLennan from the City of Hamilton and Gary McNamara, President of AMO were both on the panel.  It’s a great watch, about 28 minutes from start to finish.

“Citizens are crying foul after the City of Hamilton posted signs at popular tobogganing spots warning that sledding was banned and violators would be fined up to $5,000. Cash strapped municipalities say they don’t want to be grinches, but they just can’t afford to expose themselves to potential lawsuits. The Agenda asks if this is creating a liability chill, and if our court system has lost touch with reality.”

Tree Liability Ruling in the Appellate Court

In 2011, a minor fell from a tree in a municipal park.  As a result of the fall, the teenager was rendered a paraplegic.  A lawsuit was filed and the courts sided with the municipality.  The Plaintiff appealed and the Appellate Court upheld the lower court decision.

To read a summary from BLG on this case from July 2013, please click here and go to page 5.

To see the media coverage on the Appellate Court decision, please click here.

OGRA Update

The OGRA Board of Directors met on January 23, 2015.  During that meeting, they approved a multi-prong response to lastest ruling against an Ontario municipality related to the use of road salt.  For more information, please read the attached OGRA Alert.

OGRA Heads Up Alert – OGRA Board Approves multi-prong Approach in Response to the Superior Court Ruling in Steadman v Corporation of the Count

Dangerous decision affecting all municipalities

Last Friday, a Superior Court decision awarded a Lambton County farmer over $100,000 in damages to crops due to the use of road salt.  This is a potentially precedent setting lawsuit.  OMEX members can read the full decision on the Members Only section of this website.

The Ontario Good Roads Association (OGRA) is meeting today, January 23, 2015, to consider a response.

We will keep you updated.

OGRA Heads Up Alert A Superior Court decision over Road Salt use sets a dangerous precedent for Ontario municipalities

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Canadians need to consider a national flood plan

Last Thursday a group of industry experts came together to discuss national flood issues.

To read about what was discussed, please click here.

Joint and Several Liability Reform Update

Good morning everyone,

OMEX recently attended the AMO conference in London, Ontario.  The event was a great success but came with some disappointing news.  The Liberals have decided not to move ahead with Joint and Several Liability Reform. OMEX will continue to work with industry partners where possible to continue the fight for a more balanced system.

Ottawa Citizen

AMO Conference

Once again OMEX will be attending the AMO conference in London, Ontario.

Do visit the OMEX Booth. The booth is #102 and will be open Sunday, August 17th from 2pm – 8pm and Monday, August 18th from 7:30am – 6pm.

We look forward to seeing you there!