Basement Flooding Symposium

The Institute for Catastrophic Loss Reduction (ICLR) will be hosting a Basement Flooding Symposium on May 26, 2011 at the Toronto Board of Trade.

This full-day event will cover basement flooding causes, mitigative best practices, homeowner perceptions research and the legal side of the issue.

As the Director of Risk for OMEX, I will be attending this symposium.  I will make sure to pass along any information in the form of an alert.  If you wish to attend the symposium, please click here for registration information.

Thank you and have a great day!


Joint and Several Liability in the News

Canadian Underwriter recently published an article discussing the rising cost of municipal insurance. The article outlines premium increases experienced by several Ontario municipalities including Essex County and Perth County for their 2011 renewal.  Joint and several liability was noted in the article as playing  a “…major role…” in these increases. Other factors listed include larger damage awards, higher legal defence costs, more class actions and HST.  To read the article, please click here.

The Association of Municipalities of Ontario (AMO) has been working with municipal stakeholders since 2008 on this issue.   A Municipal Liability Reform Working Group developed a position paper entitled “The Case for Joint and Several Liability Reform in Ontario”.  To view a copy of this paper, please click here.  This matter was discussed with Ontario’s Attorney General in 2009. At the 2010 AMO Conference in Windsor, the Attorney General was non-committal on the issue saying he preferred to wait for an upcoming paper from the Law Commission of Ontario due to come out in the Spring of 2011.

AMO recently advised OMEX that they plan to keep this issue as one of their policy priorities in 2011 and have included it in their upcoming training program for new councilors.  OMEX will continue its support of AMO and Ontario municipalities on this important initiative.

State Farm Sues Toronto-Area Medical Clinics

Over the holidays Canadian Insurance Top Broker magazine published a very interesting article.  In an effort to discourage insurance fraud, State Farm has issued a lawsuit against several Toronto-area medical clinics for filing fraudulent insurance claims. The suit is in excess of ten million dollars.  To read the article, please click here.

OMEX has alerted our claims adjusters and will be following this lawsuit for further developments.  We will keep you posted.

Happy ‘Green’ New Year

As we enter a new year, it is clear that green technology will play an even greater role in our lives.  Business Insurance has a video on their site titled ‘The Risk of Going Green – Solar Panels’.  Please click here to watch this informative 4 minute video.

Happy New Year Everyone!  Wishing you and yours all the best for 2011.

Youth is when you’re allowed to stay up late on New Year’s Eve.  Middle age is when you’re forced to.  ~Bill Vaughn


As part of our 2010 communication strategy, the staff at OMEX has been hard at work updating our website to include an easy-to-navigate format, video capability and a “member-only” section that provides our member municipalities with easy access to a wide range of information.

Through “What’s Happening” we will provide a News Section that deals, not only with what’s going on at OMEX, but also topical news in insurance, risk and claims.

Please drop us a line after you have had a chance to explore the new site and let us know you you think.


Canadian Association of Insurance Reciprocals Recently Formed

Canadian reciprocals needed a voice!  To answer that need, a non-profit association was created by a group of five reciprocals.  Each of these reciprocals were formed during the liability crisis in the early 1980’s.  As OMEX’s Executive Director, I am pleased to sit on the inaugural Board of Directors and provide my support to this new organization.  The attached press release offers some additional information.  This Board is committed to ensuring that reciprocals continue to be a success story in the years to come.

Canadian Association of Insurance Reciprocals

A Favourable Winter Roads Maintenance Decision

A recent decision in the Frank vs. Central Elgin case is a favourable one for Ontario Municipalities.  In this case it was upheld that the municipality met the requirements for winter maintenance on their roads.  It is important to note that this case occurred prior to Minimum Maintenance Standards.  Having said that, this case could be of some assistance to municipalities in defending snow and ice claims.

Here is a link to the Alert we have created.

A Favourable Winter Roads Maintenance Decision