AMO Conference 2015

The OMEX team is back from a successful AMO conference in beautiful Niagara Falls. The delegates are still at the event discussing relevant issues that they face across the Province. Municipalities today are dealing with incremental downloading and the budget pressures that come with providing the bulk of services that the public in Ontario use the most – all on less than 9 cents per housedhold tax dollar.

Nahla Hanna, President and Attorney in Fact, spoke to over 145 delegates at the Ontario Small Urban Municipalities (OSUM) lunch on Monday August 17 about reciprocals, OMEX and the Canadian Association of Insurance Reciprocals (CAIR). We would like to thank OSUM for having us.

We enjoyed meeting everyone at the booth and we would love to continue the conversation. Please sign up to our website for access to our Forums.

Thank you AMO and thank you Niagara Falls. See you next year in Windsor!



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